Miss FCSA 2017-2018

Royalty Takes to the Skies

About Pageant

We all know the Caribbean is made up of some of the most beautiful and talented people on Earth. We treasure our precious, Caribbean jewels and are honored to have them compete in this year’s pageant. The pageant is traditionally held in conjunction with the official conference banquet. This year’s Pageant will be held on Saturday, April 14th.

How are contestants chosen?

CSAs from each member school must select and submit their contestant to compete. Schools must register to participate as well as submit their contestant fees and pageant materials by March 17, 2018. Applied schools who will not have conducted their Ms. CSA pageant by March 17, 2018 should contact the Pageant Director. The segments that will be covered are Interview, Introduction, Cultural Wear, Talent, Evening Wear, and Question & Answer.

Pageant Contestant Fees

Pageant fees are $25 per contestant and will go toward paying for awards such as trophies, plaques, crowns, and sashes etc. for the contestants. It will also be applied to costs for the pageant such as props and equipment for the show.

Rules, Regulations, & Criteria?

  • Must be registered for FCSA Conference 2018
  • Must be the reigning Miss CSA at current institution
  • 2.9 GPA and above required
  • Cannot be a standing senior at time of pageant

What if we miss the deadlines?

Failure to comply with the rules, requirements, and deadlines will result in an automatic forfeit of participation. Conference is just around the corner, so while we are excited to host the pageant and give everyone a chance to represent their schools and their countries/islands, we must be fair to everyone and hold all schools/participants accountable.